RoadWay Propose

Free metre english poem with no rhyming scheme.
by : Mirza Sharafat Hussain

from my left sight I caught
angel who left behind me taught
from long ago now I inspire
one whose heart conspire
miles ahead I thought to turn
feelings make my heart burn
whole figure from back consoles
her refuse in advance condoles
her little smile shares
love and me back dares
from her face then I read with care
in simple gesture I see mere
glance to her facade, she impress
denial, answer to me she express
distance between spirits increase
hope of tomorrow gives it ease
the rest, all I did was wait
of new sunrise, to mark my fate
Preparations, in style now myself
desires decorated on heaven's shelf
minutes pass, me passing the path
her missing clues facing my wrath
tears profuse, inches down my eyes
my legs melt, beats rise
and she was no where there
my heart fell trodden, bare