The poetry work published from here is complete work of Mirza Sharafat Hussain  and resembles no ordinary work or copy of work from other poets.
The poetry may not conform with traditional schemes/prosody/ or format. Sharafat writes in his unique style where his expressions fit.

Sharafat Hussain Beigh creates riot of sentiments through his sad and free verses of  poetry.
Below is a section of free verses/poems written by Sharafat Zarafshan.
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01. Udasi Poem
02  Usadi 2 Poem
03. Romantic Verses 01 : English Poem
04. Socio Romantic Verses : Urdu Poem
05. Love Couplets : Bleeding of Words
06. Ishtiyaq : Longing. Urdu free metre poem
07. Sehmi Saansey : Urdu Poem
08.  Qatil ke naam
09. Ballad 01
10. Ballad 02
11. Elegy 01
12. Firaak
13. Tere Ishq Ki Hum Par Ajab Ye Inayat Hai
14. Tu Kabhi Rona Mera Zaar Zaar Dekh
15. Arzoo
16. Raaz
17. Aisa Kyu



1. Ballad (1)
2. Ballad (2)
3. Song (1)

 *Poems are sorted by the date of their publishing, hence new poems are older in number.

Islamic Poetry

1. Munajaat 
2. Shaheed e Karbala