Quotations ShowCase


All Quotes here are written by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh, Hence nobody is allowed to make commercial use of any quote displayed below.However you are free to share and make academic use of any quote mentioned below.

  • “When men at forward fail to achieve the goal, they describe, victory lies in defending.” 
  •  “It is not to compare Ali and Allah. It is to discuss between tyrant Yazeed and veracity of Hussainiat.”
  • “She never asked for money, for gifts and priced ones, she always asked me for priceless love that was worth billions, where I failed.”  
  • “Thirty two men keep guarding the tongue. Since it keeps a sense, still speaks non sense.
  • “Take it from glass,
    take it from goblet,
    else take it from my eyes,
    the intoxication, you will never come out from”